Secure Data Sharing

Imagine the tremendous potential of enabling collaboration on private data. Enigma enables analysis in a privacy-preserving way by keeping the data encrypted at all times. Automate and streamline business operations by using our trustless, encrypted platform. We help financial institutions identify terrorist financing, fraudulent activities and better price risk assessment.

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Enigma provides the first solution for protecting data-in-use. Share data with others for processing without actually giving it away. Data are guaranteed to be encrypted at all times, even when complex analytics are required.

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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Credit-card Fraud Detection

Insurance Premium Pricing

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Enigma combines Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) with Blockchain Technology to create a platform that is both privacy-preserving (data remains encrypted even in-use) and resilient. The platform is built from a network of computers that can store private data and process it, without being able to see the data they are operating on. Our Cloud SDK hides any complexity so that working with our platform is as easy as working with other familiar cloud platforms. Enigma is backed by two years of research at MIT, and is founded and built by MIT alums, who are passionate about security, privacy and solving complex business problems.

Cloud SDK Highlights

Secure Data SharingPrivately Store encrypted key-value data

Access ControlSet access-control policies on who can query your data (and how)

Secure Data ProcessingSecurely analyze the data without decrypting

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Enigma Whitepaper Decentralizing Privacy


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