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By solving for data privacy, Enigma lets you build more secure, scalable, and usable decentralized applications. Enigma's code is open source and available on GitHub. Start building your own secret contracts today.

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    Secret state

    Secret contracts have their own runtime and can maintain state, enabling private outputs, secret tokens, and more.

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    Secret inputs

    Users submit encrypted data to Enigma that can’t be read by anyone else - including the node doing the computation.

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    Ethereum Integration

    Secret Contracts may call arbitrary functions of smart contracts deployed on Ethereum.

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    Economic Incentives

    Nodes receive fees in return for computation tasks, paid using ENG tokens on the Ethereum network.

Enigma’s Features

Enigma’s protocol includes a number of groundbreaking features for developers building smart contracts and decentralized applications.

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    Enigma-JS is a user-friendly library that enables applications and users to interact with the Enigma Network.

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    Enigma nodes execute computations inside secure enclaves that have passed an Attestation Process.

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    Secret contracts are written in Rust, a language which optimizes for both safety and performance.

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    Enigma’s unique p2p network builds on libp2p to meet the specific requirements of our network.

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    Enigma nodes execute code within a Web Assembly environment.

Our Tech Stack

Enigma is built to support the future of the decentralized web, using powerful languages and technologies.