Enigma | Marketplace



The Enigma Data Marketplace is the platform layer that lays in between the protocol and application layers of the Enigma network. It provides the decentralized and secure data infrastructure on top of which applications can be built, like Catalyst.

The Data Marketplace is currently in Phase 1 of its development. The current implementation includes the on-chain portion, dealing with contextual information about data-sets, namespaces, and subscriptions. The on-chain logic is coded in smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum network, and is operated directly with Enigma tokens (ENG). In this first implementation, all data sets are provided off-chain by several providers, and their storage is managed independently from the logic embedded in the smart contract.

The first implementation of the data marketplace is designed for integration with Catalyst on the application layer. Data sets are consumed as premium data inputs to trading algorithms that derive trading signals from them in the quest to improve performance.

Phase 2 includes the first implementation of an off-chain network, which will run on a federated network of known nodes (a-la sidechains). This could also be considered the MVP of the Enigma protocol — one that operates under a restricted threat model. Phase 3 is where things get really interesting, and we launch our open off-chain network where anyone can become a node and provide storage and computational resources in return for ENG tokens. Finally, Phase 4 is where we introduce important privacy features for protecting data in the network. This would allow extending the usability of our data protocol to practically all kinds of data streams, including those that include personally identifiable information (PII).

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